1) Design and Engineering services

All members of the cluster can request for assistance from the engineering team true a collaborative software platform and engineering departments of the different members to assist them in the development of new products, designs, testing, and creation of BOM, creating prototypes and adopting the best suitable technologies for the project.

2) Patent services

Patent and design research.

Patent application and application submission to protect cluster members intellectual property.

Person in charge:

Dimitar Dimitrov Technical Director Mobile: +43 681 20 886 207

3) Technology watch services

The cluster is providing the members with information for the latest available technologies and solutions for possible integration.

The cluster is assisting the member finding the best available equipment according to particular needs and provided technical specifications.

Person in charge:

Detelina Atanasova Vice CEO Mobile: +359 888 702 709

4) International Marketing Services

Participating in exhibition and events promoting the cluster members products and activities.

Marketing by targeting regional and international market true network of agents and representatives.

Person in charge:

Deian TACHEV CEO Mobile: +359 888 280 563

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