Program for Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing

Integration of industry innovative solutions coming from research and patents, exploiting the potential of smart specialization in order to introduce new and efficient high value technologies and products with innovative high efficiency Biomass energy solutions with Eco-friendly CO2 emissions.
The idea is to develop a European network of competitive pilot plants where companies can produce prototypes and test innovative solutions before the industrialization take place.

The mains objectives are:

Reducing energy, emissions, resources , materials consumption and wastage.

Manufacturing prototypes

Manufacturing prototypes of the following patented pellets stoves with final testing and adopting technologies for serial production.

Plan – Yes, we can

Is a growth program aimed exclusively by the businesses for the businesses from industrial manufacturing sector, metalworking, machine building and technological equipment industries.

The program combines analysis with an action plan and coaching by experts in business strategies. It allows every company identifying the challenges that are critical to the growth and the strategies they can introduce in order to reach new level of development.

Plan – Yes, we do

Is a Program for the future, with Analysis of the company’s strategic planning, Analysis of recent financial statements, promotional documents, participation in trade shows and website optimization.

Coaching experts will accompany your company to help you more quickly reaching your growth objectives:

  • Acquisition strategies and suggestions
  • Operations optimization
  • Marketing plans
  • Development of management and manufacturing teams
  • Strategic planning

Plan – Yes, together

Is a Step by step application of the plans with all linked industries and helping them to cooper together more effectively.

Plan – Yes, we know

Is a continuous training program for improving competencies in companies through specialized training courses, staff exchange and seminars

Plan – My Barter

Is a Voluntary participatory platform for exchange of raw materials and machines time between the members

Plan – Project exchange

Is an Open source internet platform for exchange and collaboration of projects , managed by the Cluster.


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